Right Whale
Right Whale

Taken just after it was finished in the studio this shot shows a finished piece awaiting installation. The whale and the surrounding tile will go on to be packed and trucked down to Cape Code to be installed in a breezeway floor.

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Tile and Wood Display
Tile and Wood Display

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Bold colors and a weightless design were essential in creating something vibrant that would compliment the new kitchen and artistic interpretation with the homeowner.

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King Table
King Table

The bold and bright colors creates an attractive look that adds character to the room.

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This traditional Maori Design, crafted out of ceramic porcelain, both protects the wall and display's the customer's New Zealand heritage.

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Tuscan Vista
Tuscan Vista

Inspiration for this mural came from the homeowner's European heritage and the landscape of her own backyard.

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The swordfish is carved out of a durable mix of porcelain, ceramic and slate, it's eye is back-painted glass as well.

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A few elegant lines change this backsplash into a picturesque estuary scene.

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Starry Night Church
Starry Night Church

The church and the village mark a transition from tradition mosaic techniques used in the sky above to that of the deliberate design and carving of each individual piece.

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Fly-Fishing Scene
Fly-Fishing Scene

With a pebble floor and trout breaking water just beyond reach, this flying-fish scene makes showering a unique experience, inspired by the natural treasures awaiting just outside in the beautiful, rural Vermont landscape.

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Unique Floor Design
Unique Floor Design

Add personality to you bathroom and shower floor.

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The various shapes of the petals and the shading of the green tile for the leaves help to capture the essence of a hydrangea in full blossom.

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The Mermaid
The Mermaid

The Mermaid has relaxing blue colors with various waves of details.

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This rendition of a thirty eight foot Hatteras was produced from a photograph supplied by the customer, and is located in the entrance to his home on Cape Cod.

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Beach Rock Floor
Beach Rock Floor

The beach style flooring creates an outdoor looks that makes you feel like you're out at the beach.

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River Fly-Fishing Scene
Fisherman in progress
Brook Trout being installed
River Scene installation
River Scene finished
Rock in river
River Scene complete
Mermaid before grouting
Mermaid in progress
Mermaid before installation
Mermaid pre-install
Mermaid installation
Mermaid close up
Mermaid from side
Mermaid in stove hearth setting
Wallpaper Design on Shower Floor
Original Shower Floor
Wallpaper Design
Bathroom Design Close-Up
Shower Floor Before
Finished Shower Floor
Jumping Swordfish Shower
Jumping Swordfish in progress
Arctic Tern
Arctic Tern Silhouette
Jumping Swordfish Installed
Hungry Jumping Swordfish

Click on any of the images below to expand their appearance and check out the galleries below to find out more about the details of each the projects.

Mermaid Hearth
River Scene
Shower Pattern
Jumping Swordfish
Yellowfin Tuna
Yellowfin Tuna
Yellowfin Tuna #1
Seascape in setting
Seascape from corner
Seascape Lighthouse
Seascape- Land, Air and Sea
Seascape Blue Heron
Humpback Whale
Seascape in progress
Seascape floor install
Seascape in progress 2
Seascape Border Shell- Nautilus
Seacsape Border Shell 2-Sea Urchin
Seascape Border Shell 3
Seascape Beach Fence
Seascape finishing touches
Seashore Scene
Crossrip in setting of doorway
Reference photo of boat
Detail of Crossrip
Detail of Crossrip Transom
Swordfish Hearth
Squid Lure
Swordfish and Squid Lure
Swordfish up close detail
Squid Lure in setting
Swordfish Eye
Swordfish Hearth
Blue Striper Bass in Chase
blue striper in progress
Bluefish in Pursuit
blue striper in setting
blue herrings
blue herrings in a row
blue striper in setting2
blue bluefish
Blue Herring
blue striper close up
Ocean Pursuit
Starry Night
Close-up of Town
Close-up of Church
Close-up of Moon
Framed Starry Night
Plough and Stars
Plough and Stars Sign
Plough and Stars in progress
Plough and Stars installed
The Plough and Stars
Ricks Kitchen Custom Sign
Wine Glass
Laying out the design
Finishing the frame
Rick's Kitchen in progress
Custom Sign
Falling Water complete
Layout of Water Fall
Falling Water in progress
Helping install the water
Falling Water being installed
Top of Falling Water
Porthole with tile
Falling water splash
Beach stone floor
Falling water before tile
Falling water tiled out
Water Falling
Framed Gamefish
Striper Fish
Framed Gamefish
Anchor in Setting
Top of Anchor
Bottom of Anchor
Anchor Chain and Makers Mark
Anchor Completed
Anchor Floor
Patterned Floor
Design reference
Pattern Close-up
Site before install
Patterned Floor before grouting
Patterned Floor
Starfish Setting
Starfish Close-Up
Starfish Complete
Striped Bass
Striper - Orignal Sketch
Striper planned out
Striper in progress
Striper being installed
Striper finishing touches
Striped Bass
Sea Mermaid Lady
Transom of Sea Lady Boat
Sea Lady facing right
Two Sea Ladies in Setting
Sea Lady facing left
Two Sea Ladies in setting - right
The Sea Lady
Blue Seahorse
Reference Image of Seahorse
Blue Conch
Reference Image of Conch
Blue Starfish
Blue Scallop
Sea Creatures
Copper Beach Backsplash
Kitchen space before
Tree of reference
Design and Tree installed
Silver Tree after fabrication
Close up of roots
Outstretched Branch
Leaf and Silver Maker's Mark
Installation Complete
Silver Tree
Tuscan Vista Scene
Tuscan Vista Installed
Cloud Close-Up
Chairs and Table
Tuscan Road
Tuscan Vista
Detailed Dogwood Flower
Dogwood Flowers
Hydrangea Installed
Hydrangea Setting
Geese Installed
Geese Planned Out
Geese on Mesh
Geese Being Installed
Seahorse Ready for Install
Pieces Laid Out
Beginning Sanding Process
Seahorse Head Finished
Seahorse Body Finished
All The Little Pieces
Golden Cod Fish
Cod Fish on Mesh
Beginning Cod Fish Installation
Cod Fish Installation
Cod Fish Close-Up