About Modern Drifter

Modern Drifter is an ongoing collection of creative non-fiction, essays, and photography that focuses on the unvarnished realities of today's American landscape.  The characters, places, issues and events portrayed are snippets of a world that has been largely obscured by the glossy veneer of headlines and celebrity that dominates modern media, but is nonetheless the fabric of the country where we all must live, work and somehow find our way.

First envisioned as a traditional magazine concept years ago, Modern Drifter has finally come to life online as an open-source publication that invites contributors to share the stories that might not find a home elsewhere.  Although the same inspiration of wanderlust and back-alley stories remains as central to the theme today as it did in it's original concept, the spirit of the Modern Drifter can just as easily be found in the words coming from being stuck working in a cubicle as it can from a cross-country adventure.  None of us can retrace the footsteps from Jack Kerouac's On The Road, but we can keep them in mind as we create our own adventures, find those stories worth sharing, and put pen to paper.  Modern Drifter is designed with the intent to not let those stories go to waste.

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